5 Star Review for Dexter Boomstick

Joseph A Solosky

March 7, 2018

The first published novel by MP Lombardo is a grand slam. A sentimental tale of young love quickly dives into the deep, dark end of monsters, science fiction, military action, and psychological thrills. From chapter to chapter try as you may you’ll never guess what happens next. MP does a great job developing characters and plot lines without highlighting or making too obvious connections in order to let the reader connect the dots on their own. I for one have already pressed my Amazon subscription to automatic pre-order for whatever MP releases next. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this adapted on to the big screen.

The Other Side: A Short Story

Disgraced ex-professor Harrison Hunter gets a knock on his door while hunkering down for the storm of the century. The strange guest, Boris Lattier, is a bear of a private investigator with a troubling demeanor. Lattier requests Harrison’s assistance in solving a murder, but something about Boris’ story isn’t adding up. Harrison gets swept into the case, pitted against good and evil, but there’s no telling which is which.


Meet Dexter Boomstick

Welcome to the apocalyptic world of Dexter “Boomstick” Reynolds, a thirty-year-old sporting goods store manager with legendary bat speed. Armed only with the mysterious Golden Slugger baseball bat, business casual attire, and devilishly good looks, Dexter must protect his friends from unspeakable horrors and find his way back to the beautiful Roxanne, his one true love.

Debut novel arrives via Amazon Kindle in January 2018!